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Here in Vejle Municipality, each child is guaranteed a placement in a public daycare centre from the age of six months up to the age of six years.

Prices differ somewhat depending on the municipality and the type of childcare. up to DKK 3900 per month including meals, kindergartens often cost less.The opening hours of the childcare facilities are in most cases Monday-Thursday am to 5 pm, and Fridays until 4 pm.Childcare is financed partly by the parents, partly by the municipality.In Denmark, both parents (and other legal guardians) most often hold full-time jobs.On average, around 80% of women return to full-time employment after giving birth, which is why most Danish children attend daycare services.

Committed to providing daycare to suit all needs, Vejle Municipality offers a range of different services suited to different working hours.

For further details about the cost of daycare and the different daycare options, please click on the link to the right.

Below we have marked the daycare centers which guarantee that they speak English, to ensure the dialogue with non-Danish parents.

Vejle Municipality guarantees daycare Each municipality in Denmark is required to provide its citizens with daycare facilities for children.

Please note that this does not guarantee a place at a particular institution of your choice.

Daycare costs Daycare services in Vejle Municipality are funded by the municipality with contribution fees paid by the families themselves.