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Passes are sold by S-Bahn station ticket vending machines and specially designated ticket vending machines at underground stops.

Finally, the comes in one-day and three-day versions, for either the city proper or the entire Munich area.

In addition to unlimited public transportation, it entitles you to discounts at many museums and other attractions.

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The most obvious difference between the two is the color of the trains: U-Bahn trains are blue and white; S-Bahn trains are red and white., or single-journey point-to-point tickets are the most expensive.You can break your journey and use different modes of transportation (e.g., S-Bahn, U-Bahn, and tram or bus) if you wish.Within Munich, press "1" on the machine for a single zone; for longer trips, you'll need to choose a ticket for the appropriate number of zones.| Europe for Visitors - Home | | Advertising, audience, disclosures, and contact information | | Privacy and Cookies | Copyright 1996-2016 Durant Imboden and Cheryl Imboden. Where to buy a ticket Underground (U-Bahn) and Urban Rail (S-Bahn) station ticket vending machines sell any cash fare ticket.

These tickets are also available on trams and city buses, except for the stripe ticket.In addition to the ticket vending machines, tickets are sold at service points, customer service centres, info points and a large number of private points of sale (e.g., kiosks and stationery stores).(See the explanatory text in the top left section of the machine.) , or stripe tickets, are cheaper than single-journey tickets.They can be used for multiple trips, or by several people at once.You validate one or more stripes per journey, depending on your destination and the number of travelers sharing the ticket.(Again, see the machine for instructions.) , or single and partner day tickets, allow unlimited transportation from the time they're stamped until 6 a.m. You can buy them for individuals or for a group of up to five people.