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If you believe Germany is a place where everything is in order, then you would be correct. Letting your hair down and having a good time doesn’t allow for any order.

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The best places to party are the Drallewatsch district 4.

Freiburg– a small city with a large university population, and the largest amount of bars for its size in Germany.

Germany didn’t receive the runner up as the party country of Europe for no reason.

So we send out our intrepid explorer Hans Schnurrbart, who is quite partial to a party.

Freiburg’s bars are walking distance from each other and the city has a very relaxed feel to it. Munich– the city has a large university population and with that goes lots of partying.

Also being one of the largest cities in Germany there are many bars.1 Berlin– we don’t put this on the top of our list for no reason at all.The largest city in Germany, is home to German electronica scene and has for many years drawn many an offbeat intellectual into it’s city to spend many years discovering what the city has to offer them. Hamburg– Germany’s 2nd largest city, and home of the Reeper Bahn, otherwise known as Kiets.Munich is probably the wealthiest city in Germany and you might find in some bars locals that are not so easy to approach 6.Düsseldorf– the fashion capital of Germany is also another of Germany’s best places to party.Head to the Altstadt-oldtown area near the river and choose a place to party 7.