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Did you know that using a bus connection isn't just incredibly inexpensive? At Check My Bus you'll find intercity bus lines from Berlin to Dresden and back offered by 10 bus companies: Deutsche Bahn, Eurolines Czech Republic, Flix Bus, Semi Time S, Hellö, Regio Jet, Czech Transport, Postbus, Eurolines Germany and Busbud, between .00 and 0.00.

Then book with one of these providers: Postbus, Deutsche Bahn, Flix Bus and Czech Transport. At a moderate rate you can reserve a preferred seat if you book with Postbus and Deutsche Bahn.Immer mehr Singles nutzen das Internet und die diversen Online-Dating-Portale für die Suche nach einem neuen Partner.In den verschiedensten Singlebörsen können sie sich ganz ungestört und zwanglos nach Gleichgesinnten umschauen.The loyalty programmes offered by Eurolines Germany, Postbus, Flix Bus, Deutsche Bahn and Semi Time S are perfect for those of you that are frequent passengers and enjoy discounts.If you have a specific seat of preference, then take advantage of Hellö's complimentary seat reservation service.

Eurolines Germany, Deutsche Bahn and Postbus - these bus companies offer people with a disability a discount. Complimentary storage space for your carry-on is provided by the following providers: Busbud, Postbus, Czech Transport, Flix Bus, Eurolines Czech Republic, Deutsche Bahn, Regio Jet, Hellö, Semi Time S and Eurolines Germany.

In today's world bus trips should be equipped with the newest and most modern facilities.

You decide whether you are up font, in back, in an aisle seat or near the window.

A bathroom can be found on the coach trip as well and can be used for free.

Postbus, Czech Transport, Hellö, Flix Bus and Regio Jet have recognized the importance of our high-tech way of life and thus offer complimentary Wi Fi.

If the intercity bus happens to get caught up somewhere, Postbus, Czech Transport, Semi Time S, Flix Bus and Regio Jet will send you a text message to inform you about the delay - naturally at no extra cost.