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It used to be called "Poor man's opium", and it probably grows in your yard.

Apparently, there is at public universities in the state of Washington.

A sweeping bill proposed by a Republican state lawmaker that aimed to protect free speech rights for professors and students in the evergreen state met with opposition during a recent public hearing and has been gutted in order to proceed through the legislature with bipartisan support.

But gone are provisions from the original bill that sought to prohibit punishments for students who utter microaggressions, or protections for whistleblowers and professors who refuse to use trigger warnings.Among those who testified against the bill’s microaggression provision was Josie Ellison, a student government representative from Western Washington University, who told lawmakers unintentional slights are taxing on students and they need protection from them. student autonomy over their own ability to feel safe in the classroom,” Ellison said, adding microaggressions are “racially charged, they are sexist …Syrian Rue contains MAOIs which shut off parts of your immune system, allowing certain plants to take stronger effect (ex: used in Ayahuasca to make DMT orally effective) but it will also make Chocolate, Alcohol and Cheese poisonous during the duration of its effect on you because you can not break them down properly.This is called the "Cheese Syndrome" or "Cheese Effect" Wild Lettuce (all lettuce actually, but this one has the most) contains opiates, not the same at the opiates in opium, but they hit the same receptors in the brain.It was the plant that had a crying baby as a root in Harry Potter.

The roots actually do look like people sometimes and historically they have been involved in all kinds of crazy stuff.

Belladona seeds are poisonous and have been used to achieve hallucinations for a long time. It is a delicacy in Japan because you have to trust the chef to not kill you, even on accident.

They say that the reason "witches fly on broom sticks" is because they would use broom sticks to put the Belladona seed in a... Kava Kava has the same descriptive qualities as marijuana (Sedative/Euphoriant), but it is not the same when you take it, they are different. Kava will make your moth numb and does not taste awesome.

It's liver contains a nuerotoxin that kills most people, some people survive with no vital signs, then wake back up after 3 days.

Mandrake root is poisonous and has historically been used in tons of potions and stuff.

and when you are experiencing these things from faculty and students in the classroom all day, every day, it gets very tiring.” Another female student who testified against the microaggressions section told lawmakers “educational spaces should not be places where antagonism against one’s person is tolerated.