Partnersuche rheda-wiedenbrück

The formerly independent towns of Rheda and Wiedenbrück are separated by the Federal Highway 2 which does not, however, form the historic border between the two districts. The nearest major cities are Gütersloh (about 11 km), Bielefeld and Paderborn in around 35 km and Hamm in about 55 km distance .

The river enters from the southeast into an urban area.

Close to the public pool in Wiedenbrück, an artificial side arm branches off to the north of the river Ems.

The city, which is classified as a small center city municipality has an area of 86.68 km².

Основателем города считается Видукинд Саксонский, который заложил здесь крепость.

The twin community lies within the valley of the river Ems in the Westphalian Lowland south of the Teutoburg Forest, which is about 30 km away.

Rheda-Wiedenbrück) — город в Северной Вестфалии (Германия) на реке Эмс. Возник в 1970, когда были объединены города Реда и Виденбрюк, а также общины Санкт-Фит, Линтель, Батенхорст и Северная Реда. Виденбрюк был основан в правление Карла Великого и уже в 952 г.

На этом месте ныне стоит характерный для Вестфалии «водный замок» (вокруг замка — ров) графов фон Бентгейм.

The overall flat terrain falls from south to north.Outside the settlement areas, the city is dominated by agriculture and the city has comparatively large forest areas surrounding the city.The river then flows through the grounds of the State Garden Show 1988, connects the Wiedenbrücker center with the center of Rheda and leaves the urban area in the northernmost tip.Several small tributaries of the Ems are located in the municipality.Other notable waters are the Buxelssee northeast of the motorway, the Bänischsee northeast of Rheda and Lintel lake east of Wiedenbrück.One characteristic of the two combined cities is a green strip several kilometers long along the Ems, starting at Emssee in downtown Wiedenbrück and ending near the water castle in Rheda.