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From the Omaha House, the gang headed towards Shaffers Crossing.

Fairplay, 1860, courtesy Denver Public Library Finally, a posse was organized and on July 30, 1864, the outlaws were spotted camping in a forest.

South Park and the Reynolds Gang In July 1864, Jim Reynolds and eight Confederate raiders launched the only invasion of the Colorado Territory during the Civil War.

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Stealing cash, a gold watch, and the horses, they made off with about ,000.Then heading over Kenosha pass toward Denver, they again robbed the Michigan House stage stop, taking more horses. Berry began to warn everyone of the gang and their thievery trying to raise a posse without success. Berry followed the gang as far as the Omaha House stage station near the present day town of Conifer.Immediately up to no good, the gang attacked the ranch of Adolph Guirand on July 24, 1864, stealing his horses, cash, and molesting his wife.South Park Area They then headed to Dan Mc Laughlin's stage station, about eight miles out of Fairplay, where the town of Como is today.A gunfight quickly ensued, leaving one outlaw by the name of Owen Singleterry dead. Cooper, cut off Singleterrys head, took it back to Fairplay and preserved it in alcohol, where it supposedly remained for many years.

The gang buried their loot and split up, fleeing the area.

It was estimated that the gang had taken somewhere between ,000 and 0,000 and area locals blamed them for every robbery within miles.

An even bigger posse was raised to capture the fleeing bandits.

About seventy-five men were dispatched to find the thieves and just four days later, four of them were captured.

Outlaw, Tom Holliman, was caught just days later as he made his way to Canon City, Colorado.

However, Jim Reynolds, his brother John, and another bandit escaped to New Mexico.