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Kadeau should be high on the wish list of any food loving Copenhagen-farer.

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The food is based upon Bornholm produce of extremely high quality – even the plates are made by Bornholm artisans.I would call the cuisine creative, exciting and delicious – very much in the New Nordic style, but less avantgarde than places like Relæ.Michelin * Formel B still holds one star but has changed the concept since its beginning as French-inspired conservative gourmet restaurant (please note: my blog post from 2007 on Formel B was written about Formel B as it was then).It’s still top notch food but the price level has dropped to that of a […] Geranium is the home of Rasmus Kofoed, Bocuse D’Or Gold Medalist of 2011 (and silver and bronze medalist from 20).The über hotel’s restaurant has been rebooted with Ronny Emborg as head chef.

This is my list of places worth eating in Copenhagen. I have linked to blog posts describing the places in detail – where available.These are all places where I have enjoyed dining – or eat regularly in between gourmet escapades.In 2013 he opened his own place: Amass, and months before the launch it was hyped by the press. Michelin ** All the plates were picturesquely beautiful, the food was flawless and the menu as a whole was composed with wit and distinction.Actually, the strong focus was what impressed me the most.I wish you a nice and epicurious stay in Copenhagen.Former chef at The Fat Duck, Per Se and chef de cuisine at Noma, Matt Orlando knows his way around a kitchen.