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Then in January, the Bloomington, Indiana native will kick off an 80-city North American tour.

is due out September 23, but you can preorder the album now.

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He started out for a brief period of time as a glam rocker, but then tried out for a solo career with his first album Chestnut Street Incident released by former David Bowie manager, Tony De Fries on the Mainman (division of MCA) label. That album was a complete flop partly due to the fact that the record label wanted to mold John into something he was not (a pretty boy ala James Dean) and the fact that the album was just cover songs. 6 on Billboard’s pop chart in early ’86 while “Scarecrow” climbed to No. John Mellencamp was born in Seymour, Indiana on October 7, 1951. American Dream Oh Pretty Woman Jailhouse Rock Dream Killing Town Supergirl Chestnut Street Good Girls Do You Believe In Magic Twentieth Century Fox Chestnut Street Revisited Sad Lady Hit The Road Jack I Need Somebody Rain On The Scarecrow Grandma's Theme Small Town Minutes To Memories Lonely Ol' Night The Face Of The Nation Justice And Independence '85 Between A Laugh And A Tear Rumbleseat You've Got To Stand For Somethin' R.

M.'s Question Let It All Hang Out Jerry Key West Intermezzo (I Saw You First) Just Another Day This May Not Be The End Of The World Emotional Love Mr.

Following that was Uh-huh which would be his first release under the moniker John Cougar Mellencamp; the name he would stick by until he gradually dropped the "Cougar" and just went by his given name John Mellencamp.

(A Salute To 60's Rock) The Kind Of Fella I Am Paper In Fire Down And Out In Paradise Check It Out The Real Life Cherry Bomb We Are The People Empty Hands Hard Times For An Honest Man Hotdogs And Hamburgers Rooty Toot Toot Blues From The Front Porch Big Daddy Of Them All To Live Martha Say Theo And Weird Henry Jackie Brown Pop Singer Void In My Heart Mansions In Heaven Sometimes A Great Notion Country Gentleman J.

When John Mellencamp’s “Small Town” was released on his “Scarecrow” album in September 1985, the song helped launch a form of heartland rock that celebrated family farms and blue-collar workers. Mellencamp as a valentine to his hometown of Seymour, Ind., “Small Town” reached No.

It was also the label's idea to release the album under the name Johnny Cougar which Mellencamp did not approve of.

It wasnt until the release of American Fool released this time under the moniker John Cougar which featured his most well-known hit to date, "Jack & Diane" that he really made it big; the album stayed at #1 on the charts for nine weeks.