Dating for par Herning

This would be the DDF fourth participation at this annual European event.Well anyway that’s the game explained to a beginner – easy to follow right!? The French women’s team, also called ‘Les Dames de France’ is a squad of 14 players selected each year from those girls that play cricket in France.

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It is played on an oval pitch measuring about 120m to 130m.

The objective of the bowling team is to prevent this notably by eliminating ‘getting out’ the batters.

There are several ways for the bowling or fielding team to do this : the bowler can destroy the wicket, the three stumps placed at the ends of the 20 meter long central area called ‘bowled out’, the ball is caught by one of the fielding team ‘caught out’ or the batters trying to score points are caught between the two zones and a fielder returns the ball to break the wickets before the batter can get back into his zone.

There are two teams of eleven players who can be ‘batters’, ‘bowlers’, or ‘fielders.

The objective of the batting team (the attackers) is to hit the ball by avoiding the fielders of the opposition team to score points by running between two bases of the centre of the pitch which are 20 meters apart or by hitting the ball hard enough for it to go out of the playing zone.

Well it’s the second most played sport in the world but remains almost unknown in France.

It is nevertheless played throughout France both by men and women.

The rest of the squad will mainly, but not exclusively, originate from two clubs in France; Nantes CC in the west of France and Thoiry CC in the Paris area. This year the European tournament wlll take place in Herning in Danemark from the 3rd-7th August.

Seven nations are due to be represented: Denmark, Norway, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Italy and of course ‘La France’.

The batters go in one after the other to score as many points as possible during the first innings.

During the second innings the two teams reverse their roles and the team batting second must try to get more than the first team to win the game or not.