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Edited by Pauly Fongemie Introduction Part 1: Priests of the Holocaust [Dachau] Part 2: The Priests of Dachau: The Story of Bl. Titus Brandsma Poem Written by Blessed Titus Related External Link Pauly Fongemie Compiled from the following historical works: PIUS XII AND THE HOLOCAUST, The Catholic League; HITLER YOUTH AND CATHOLIC YOUTH, Lawrence Walker; and THE PERSECUTION OF THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IN THE THIRD REICH, Catholic Book Club of London.

By now every school child can cite verbatim about the Jewish Holocaust of six and one half million souls by the Nazis during World War II, but there is another Holocaust of greater numbers, that of the persecution of the Roman Catholic Church by Hitler and the murder or imprisonment of other minorities: this other persecution, excluding the Gypsies, was not based exclusively on race, although the Poles, who were exterminated in the camps were considered racially inferior, but derived from Nazi hatred and fear of Roman Catholics.

Hitler was Luciferian, an apostate, and hated the Church and it was the Church that alone stood as a moral bulwark and reproach against his evil dominion.

What the world does not know and what most Catholics have never known is that the prosecution of the Catholic Church by the Third Reich began as early as the assault on Jewry and was every bit as insidious and odious.The canards that the "Pope was silent," and the charge that the Church is the cause of the Holocaust of the Jews is ironic when the actual historical facts are surveyed. Gerald Griffin who was able to locate and purchase the latter two texts of the three from which this report is compiled.Beginning in 1936, one diocesan group after another was dissolved by police decree, several of its prominent leaders were arrested, some sent to prison.Hitler thought that if he could control the youth, he owned the next generation.In its earlier years, the Hitler Youth Movement [HY] was little more than an adolescent SS.

The Catholic Youth organizations [CY] held out the longest against the claims of the HY because the Pope of the times, Pius XI, personally endorsed their efforts as the best defense against the "Blood and Soil" myth of the Hitlerites.

And he was largely right, except for the power of CY and its priests.

The thrust of Hitler's repressive policies against the Church was two-fold: actual seizure [and other penalties] of Catholic newspapers, offices, soldiers stationed at Sunday Masses to report on sermons, imprisonment of the clergy and religious, that is outright repression and the attempt to influence and thus use for propaganda the powerful Catholic Youth movement in Germany in the 1930s.

Hitler formed his own "Hitler Youth" to counteract and subvert and confuse the young.

Another source of their resistance to HY was the courage of its members -----their ability to hold their organizations under great pressures owed much to Catholic teaching, particularly the Church's attitude toward suffering and Martyrdom for the Faith.

In the end Hitler was unable to totally corrupt CY, so he resorted to an array of coercive powers against Catholic youth: Young Catholics were placed at a disadvantage in employment or admission to universities. In the summer of 1935 the Gestapo prohibited to all CY any extra-Church activities and rigidly enforced the law.