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However, you're going to have to learn to substitute the excitement of sex with the much more tepid pleasures of the coffee date.

Your initial encounters with potential dates should be short.

I recently came to the realization that I was doing this and cut all ties with my "buddies."Now I don't know how to initiate a healthy relationship. Even while casually dating, I've had some emotionally charged breakups.)I see a therapist and am exploring why I sabotage my attempts to be in a good relationship.I've been doing the whole Internet-dating thing, but when I met a guy last week and he came on strong, I started to panic. How do I date more than one man casually and test them out?If you don't approach dating as supercharged events but more as meeting and getting to know people, then you won't get too ahead of yourself.You should also consider not dating at all until you feel confident that you can control your reactions.If you concentrate on other areas of your life -- your professional and creative interests, and your friendships with women -- then you'll feel more confident and you'll attract like-minded people.

Don't drink alcohol, which tends to heighten anxiety and lower inhibitions.

For now, you should call a moratorium on sexual encounters.

If you don't become physically involved, it's much easier to move along, and you do that by simply telling someone that you don't feel a special connection to him.

Guys understand that not all dates turn into relationships because they are going through the same process that you are.

How do I call it off if I decide that I don't like him?

-- Relationship Challenged Dear Challenged: Casual dating should be just that -- casual.