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Indianapolis 500 winners receives the Borg-Warner Trophy to this day.

Bendix Stromberg Float-Type Carburetors Bendix Stromberg Carburetor Identification Scheme Bendix Stromberg used a unique identification scheme where a series of letters and numbers were assembled to identify and describe how a carburetor was constructed.

George Schebler sold his interests in the company in 1912, but it continued to operate under the Wheeler-Schebler name until 1928, when it evolved into the Marvel-Schebler Carburetor Company, one of five companies that played a role in the development of what that would become the Borg-Warner Corporation.

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The gains made were in parallel with the aircraft and automotive requirements, which were performance driven by the publicity and popularity of racing.

Recall that James Allison was motivated to get the maximum performance possible at the Indianapolis speedway, a hobby that eventually led to the development of the Allison aircraft engine. Stutz, who was involved in the design and manufacture of internal combustion engines, introduced George Schebler to Frank W. In the resulting partnership, Wheeler provided the money, while Schebler provided engineering skills. By 1907, they had achieved enough success to move to Indianapolis into a state-of-the-art building, a plant that reportedly was one of the most advanced manufacturing facilities in the United States at the time.

Table of Contents Glossary Bibliography Great improvements in mixture control came about after 1920.

This was due in part to advances made in engineering and chemistry and in the improvements in higher education.

The first two letters described the carburetor design, followed by a number that identified the size, and numbers and letters to identify specific design details and modifications.

Bendix Stromberg NA-S2 and NA-S3 Carburetors The Stromberg NA-S2 and NA-S3 carburetors meet the requirements of small two, three and four cylinder aircraft engines used in small airplanes.

Frank Wheeler and three other local men (including James Allison) opened the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in 1909.

Prior to the inauguration of the Indianapolis 500 in 1911, the Wheeler-Schebler company sponsored the Wheeler-Schebler Trophy Race at the track.

The factory adjusts the float mechanism to obtain the proper fuel level, and requires no adjustment in service unless it is necessary after a long period of service to install new parts.

The principles of operation are quite similar to those used in all Stromberg aircraft and motorcar carburetors.

The specification or setting in the carburetor is the result of a great deal of test work conducted by the engine and carburetor manufacturers in the laboratory and in flight, and should not be changed unless it is absolutely certain that a change is necessary to meet unusual operating conditions. – A conventional hinge type of float mechanism located in a float chamber having ample fuel capacity to operate in all ordinary maneuvers is used.