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Green Lab Skive is a symbiotic setup, where surplus energy and waste resources are used for testing, demo projects and other projects within green energy systems and green gas.

Being part of the Green Lab Skive business development park will give you the opportunity to test your own technologies and projects in real time and within a full-scale renewable energy context.

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To become a partner in Green Lab Skive and thus become part of an innovative and creative business environment which focuses strongly on building the green energy systems of the future and your future business opportunities, please contact Energi Fonden Skive.

Energi Fonden Skive is a business fund which aims to foster green business development based in, for example, the Municipality of Skive.

This energy chain consists of photovoltaics, wind turbines, electrolysis, biogas, upgrading, methanisation, the natural gas grid, landfill gas, CHP engines and energy system balancing.

The Municipality of Skive aims to be a leading local authority worldwide in making the transition to renewable energy.

The declared goal is to become completely CO2-neutral by 2029, and one of the key instruments to achieving this is the development of the Green Lab Skive energy initiative.

By creating a unique green gas business environment we will achieve our political goal and create growth opportunities for the business community and our municipality. The unique infrastructure allows the testing, demonstration and development of new full-scale products.The fund is registered with the Danish Business Authority.The purpose of Green Lab Skive is to create one of Europe’s leading centres for renewable energy, where RE technologies such as power-to-gas and system integration are tested in a large-scale symbiotic setup.The most innovative aspect will be the implementation of a full-scale power-to-gas plant, with the technology at Green Lab Skive performing a key role in the overall energy conversion chain.The plan is that Green Lab Skive will enable an industrial symbiosis involving the intelligent use of surplus energy streams.Moreover, Green Lab Skive offers a unique geographical location for the power-to-gas plant, two of Europe’s leading universities within the fields of biomass and renewable energy research within one hour’s drive, and a leading European business cluster in biomass.